Zarafa File Repair Tool

Dealing one or the other below mentioned issues with Zarafa Server Database?
  • Unable to access any of the data like mails, calendar, tasks etc. from Zarafa database.
  • Every time you try to retrieve any piece of data from database it comes up with an error message.
  • It freezes at times and acts unresponsive while performing any important activity.
  • None of the queries were executing properly and even if it is then it is giving wrong or useless results.

If your answers to all these above mentioned issues are affirmative then you and your Zarafa Server database is in trouble. It is because possibly its (.frm) file has gone corrupt and it is not working properly. The best way to resolve this issue is to repair the corrupt or damaged Zarafa database file and that can be done easily using Zarafa Database Repair Tool . Simply download this tool and repair your corrupt (.frm) file to get all its data back in second.


zarafa database recovery software

About Zarafa Server Database & FRM File

Zarafa is a server side application used as client-server program that provides solution to share items like mails contacts, notes, calendars, tasks etc. within a workgroup or enterprise. It has been developed by Zarafa (so got its name) which is previously known as Connectux. The software that it provides for this purpose can easily be accessed through Ajax-based mail client programs such as browsers. It is used with Linux based server and is really very useful. You can use this powerful application with MS Outlook using MAPI integration in order to manage your emails, attachments, notes, contacts details and others office stuffs.

It uses MySQL database to support its backend and so uses (.frm) file to store the definition of its tables. But this file is not at all the part of MyISAM engine, instead is a part of the server.


What are the reasons behind the corruption of Zarafa database file or (.frm) file?

There are several reasons due to which this FRM file gets corrupt and since this file stores the definition of all the tables stored in it, all its data become inaccessible. Some of the common reasons behind the corruption are mentioned here below –

  • Physical damage of the file because of the hardware failure or something similar.
  • Database connection is not properly configured causing the database file to corrupt easily.
  • Re-installation of the operating system or its improper functioning can also corrupt the database file.
  • Abrupt or improper shut down of MySQL database in Zarafa server can cause database file corruption as well.
  • Damage of (.frm) and ibdata file of MySQL database due to some means can also result the same.
  • Infectious virus attacks can also damage the Zarafa database file as they alert the contents of header file at times.

How to repair damaged/inaccessible/corrupt Zarafa database file?

It is very important question to answer as the entire discussion is roaming around this single point. Well, when the healthy database file gets corrupt or damage it is really very difficult to access the data stored in it. It causes several issues for the user if s/he is in urgent need of that data. There are literary two ways by which you can restore your corrupt or damaged data. First one is by restoring valid available backup of the corrupt data which is really very hard to get, as people forget or don't tend to backup their database on a regular basis. The second option is the best and the easiest way and that is by using third party Zarafa Database File Repair software. This powerful tool will scan your damaged (.frm) file and effectively restores its valuable mailbox items like appointments, emails, tasks, contacts, notes, distributions lists, calendars attachments etc. So, just download this ZCP File Repair Tool and repair your corrupt Zarafa server databases in just few clicks.

Features of Zarafa File Repair Software

  • Restore emails and a variety of mail terms, like distribution list, contacts, tasks, appointments etc. – the recital of this tool is dependable recovery of clients mailboxes in the Zarafa server database keeping their data pecking order intact and structure, so the database remains steady and it keeps the mails at the precise format even after the recovery.

  • Repairs damage/corrupt Zarafa server database files – Efficiently repairs the damage and corrupt Zarafa server database to restore all your valuable data in the customer mailbox including their emails and other mail items. This software successfully recovers their content and mailboxes without causing any effects and keeps it as the original Zarafa database.

  • It is compatible with windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista – Though Zarafa server also runs on Linux system, and this tool is also compatible with the windows operating system. The software support XP, Windows 7 and Vista. Move your database to any of the windows machine, install it and run this software and finally execute Zarafa server recovery.

  • Creates log of the Zarafa server recovery process – The software also records details of all the actions which performed in the log and it allow the clients to save this log at any preferred location in the computer. It helps to keep track of the Zarafa server recovery process. The log information includes process end time, process start time, number of records recovered, Zarafa server database name etc.